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I make music for a lot of contexts - concert music and I am open for all types of music for media : feature film, short movie, nature, documentary, TV, commercial, gaming and in all genres: action, drama, scifi, cartoons etc. 

I have a classical education in music, but I am highly familiar with jazz, rock, pop, folkmusic and more on my musical palette, and I like to mix them.

I am working in my own studio, and have a big network of musicians around me.  

Welcome to listen to some examples of my music!

Action: Westworld competition 2020

Animation, humor: Caminandes-Llamigos 3 (Indie film contest)

Score Relief 2021 | Spring - Johnny Hedlund #scorerelief2021​ from Johnny Hedlund on Vimeo.

Hollywoodaction: DC Stargirl score competition

The last day -Drama, shortmovie. Gothenburg filmfestival

Commercial for SCAN

Elsa -Drama, shortmovie. Gothenburg filmfestival

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